21 October 2005

              Changi Airport

              It is a huge clean box
              with clear glass panels,

              directions for its visitors
              and tidy compartments

              to contain the swellings
              of a little nation’s pride.

              How much can one love
              an efficient process?

              We are here only because
              we are going elsewhere

              we are pleased that
              our luggage rarely gets lost

              we like the purple orchids
              and marine fish

              and we would stay to watch
              the whole world here,

              if it was not always
              merely passing though.
posted by Gilbert at Friday, October 21, 2005


Blogger Bluesky_Liz said...

We don't have much here to make people want to stay for a while to see. There's food, but it seems like the rest of the world isn't as keen about food as we are.

October 22, 2005  
Blogger dreamer idiot said...

Personally, I kind of get reflective when I'm at airports, but that is when I'm forced to wait, otherwise an 'airport experience' becomes sort of a transactional process, where the checking in, immigration and going to the right gate are rituals to get to where I want to go, rarely having the time to pause, because everything seems hurrying by anyway. Yet, amidst all the coming and going, there is, sometimes, those odd little scenes and moments to llook out for...

October 23, 2005  
Blogger floots said...

man, mayfly, jumbo jet -
as you say: we're all passing through
nice one

October 24, 2005  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

"How much can one love
an efficient process?"

I like this, really like it.

October 26, 2005  
Blogger Gilbert Koh said...

It's a poem which I think has lost some social relevance ...

It still appeals to older Singaporeans like Dsnake1 and myself who remember the days when the S'pore government boasted ceaselessly about our world no. 1 airport; world no. 1 seaport; world no. 1 this, world no. 1 that ...

These days, the government is no longer so boastful, and (dare I say it) cares a little bit more about the intangible soul aspects of the nation.

Those lines:

"How much can one love
an efficient process?"

... they meant more, in the old days of excellent infrastructure and vast soullessness.

October 26, 2005  

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