28 August 2005

          Grandmother's Garden

          In later years, she sat here rarely. Most of the time,
          she lay on her bed in a darkened room where
          the air was musty and sunlight never shone.

          As well as I could, I kept it growing
          for her. She could no longer do it for herself.
          Yet her life was linked to this place.

          I watered her orchids of golden shower,
          unchoked her potted plants from weeds. With a stone
          I crushed the life from snails and fed them
          to the earth. After storms, I helped fallen shrubs
          to climb to light again.

          Sometimes a sunbird would come to sip nectar
          from my grandmother's flowers, and every New Year
          the kumquat branches would fill with orange fruit.
          In the years that passed, not a single bonsai died.
          A tree can live forever.

          She would go more easily, I sensed,
          if she knew that the life here would endure,
          long after she herself had left.
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15 August 2005

            Early Influences

            But you were forgotten.
            I had put you aside, out of my mind.
            Years passed, while I worked at
            this small patient craft,
            studying the works of others,
            on a quiet journey I thought I’d mapped
            out to my own voice.

            Now by chance, I stumble upon you again.
            I revisit your words, with new eyes.
            To my surprise, I learn that I’ve carried
            you with me all this time,
            and every place to which I’ve gone,
            you have been there too.
            The trail I followed was none other
            than that of your footsteps.

            I want to shake myself to shake you off,
            remove you from my skin, to see if this is
            even possible. But I am afraid.
            Even as I speak now, I wonder who I’m hearing.
            I don’t know how much of you is me now,
            and after the tearing off, which parts
            of me I’ll lose, how little of me
            will be left behind.
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10 August 2005

              In Our Schools

              Some are Special,
              or Express. A few are
              Gifted. The others
              are merely Normal
              (a polite lie).

              All are classifiable,
              like chemical compounds,
              lists of Chinese
              or lab specimens of
              dead insects -

              preserved, labelled,
              pinned by a cold
              through the
              unfeeling thorax.
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