22 July 2005

            Old Shopping Centres

            The wavering half-lives of uncertain businesses
            dimly light these gloomy caverns, almost collapsing
            beneath the weight of years.
            Wandering in the maze of subterranean passages,
            you find old men’s shoes, pirated VCDs,
            yesteryear’s fashions, jade buddhas at $12 a piece,
            cheap luggage bags with nowhere to go,
            shanghai-style beauticians, the latest Hokkien hits,
            and the simultaneous cries of too many
            demonstrating alarm clocks.
            At a corner, snakes and dragons bite and hiss
            and come to life, as a tattoo artist carves out
            the designs of dubious memberships
            on raw, bleeding skin
            while in the dark recesses of the arcade,
            teenagers with yellow-tinted hair scurry from
            machine to machine like prowling, restless rats,
            their scowls intense as they gun down virtual villains
            flurrying across the black screens
            like a storm of frenzied bats.
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08 July 2005


              In the night
              as you lay sleeping
              close to me
              I listened
              to your breathing
              and pressed
              my hand
              against the soft
              skin of your
              as if so soon
              after our love-
              I could feel
              for the
              first stirrings
              of a life
              that we might
              just have
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02 July 2005

Saint Jerome

            Avoiding Complications

            Don't drink. Don't smoke. Don't sleep
            around. Don't take drugs if you can help it.
            Do drive safely. Stop when the light
            turns red. There are reasons for such rules.

            Don’t blame your parents. Don’t blame
            yourself. Don't argue with your wife.
            Don't argue with your boss. Don't argue.
            It complicates things.

            Don't be gay. If you are, don't tell.
            Don’t be reckless. Do be brave. Know the
            difference. Remember always who
            you love. Who you don't. And why.

            Follow the majority. Play it safe.
            Don’t ever write letters you won't send.
            Distrust strangers. Be wary of friends.
            Don't criticise the government. Don’t try.

            Do talk to God. Keep busy. Exhaust yourself.
            The money is enough. The money will never
            be enough. You know all this. Don't mess it up.
            Keep it simple. Try. Don't give up.
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Monet, Painting in Boat


            Smile, I commanded
            you obeyed
            and I caught forever that
            when something on your face
            disguised itself
            so well
            as happiness.
            Quiet fears and other
            troubles have marred
            this day
            yet the years will pass
            and in time this image
            will be enough
            to make us
            that in this instant
            we had been so much
            happier than
            we really were.
            How kind and skilful,
            the way time
            deceives memory,
            erases pain,
            fills us with warm
            nostalgia for
            things that never
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